About Sayegh Group

Sayegh Group, established in 1932, is a leading multinational conglomerate of companies and investments is spreading across the Arab World, Eastern and Western Europe and Asia. The Group’s core business lies in the production, distribution and export of paints whereby it owns 18 paint factories worldwide. Over the past 81 years, Sayegh Group has invested in a wide range of products, services and supportive industries such as chemical engineering industries, cookware, mining, real estate, as well as computers and electronics, banking, aviation and media. In 2011, Sayegh Group launched a new satellite channel “Roya TV” with the aim to delve the Arab visual media into the third millennium. Today, Sayegh Group comprises of 35 companies and led by over 5000 dedicated employees. Sayegh Group is committed to assuring that all products are of highest quality, and comply with national and international standards as well as adhering to all safety measures. We are also committed to ensuring excellence in work, production, delivery and customer satisfaction.

Why work with us?

Sayegh Group stands for quality in every aspect of managing its operations, including human resources. Our employees worldwide are self-oriented to our human resources quality assurance mission. Every single one of our employees is “hand-picked” as much for their personality and disposition as for their background, experience, and qualifications. We place a great deal of emphasis on quality recruitment focused on hiring for ability to learn fast, work hard, get on with people, and get things done. We believe in the uniqueness of each employee. We encourage individuality and entrepreneurial spirit. We appreciate spontaneous and animated enthusiasm. With having these qualities, each employee sets out on a mission to endear our customers with our world-class products. Our guiding principle in human resources management is to bring out the best in each employee. That can be applied through providing coaching, counseling, and mentoring, education, and development. We are committed to attract, develop and retain talent.

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